Garbage / Recycling

The City of Plymouth is changing its trash collection system. Residents will receive a bin for trash and one for recycling that can be emptied automatically by the trash collection truck. Residents have a choice of size, but requests must be in to Advanced Disposal by August 31.  Advanced Disposal will be mailing letter to residents.  Included will be information about the program, recycling information and order forms.  Please contact Advanced Disposal with questions at 888-688-4005.


Trash collection in Plymouth occurs Tuesday – Friday.  Trash should be placed at the curb no earlier than 6 pm the night before pickup.   Advanced Disposal provides collection services in the city of Plymouth.  They may be reached at (920) 458-6030.

All trash items must be in clear or see through bags and must fit inside a 33 gallon container.   NO BLACK BAGS ALLOWED.

Each household is allowed ten 33 gallon containers per week – bags can weigh up to 50 pounds each.

No loose garbage allowed – all garbage must be in a clear or translucent white bag.

Glass, plastic and metal recycling goes into clear blue bags.  Blue bags are available at local stores.

Cardboard, newspaper and all other paper recyclables may be bundled and tied or placed into a brown paper bag or cardboard box.

Bulky items are not picked up a the curb.  Private disposal is required.

Click here for a list of what may be put at the curb, what is recyclable and what requires private disposal.


Bulky or loose items will not be accepted at the curb.  Bulky items include things such as mattresses, chairs, couches, furniture, desks, bookcases, shelves, etc.  Residents now need to dispose of bulky items privately.  Local options are listed below:  Note – a fee may be charged.

  • S.K. Collection:  893-9715
  • Habitat Restore:  892-4175
  • JD Trucking Disposal & Recycling:  528-7162
  • R&R Moving: 893-1061
  • St. Vincent DePaul Store:  892-4913
For a printable brochure about bulk disposal click here.

For questions regarding trash collection in Plymouth you may contact Advanced Disposal Services at 1-888-688-4005.


As of 2010 landfills are no longer allowed to accept electronic waste.  Visit the WI DNR website for details about Wisconsin’s E-Cycling Law.

Residents of the City of Plymouth have several options for electronics recycling.  Consumers should contact collectors for information on fees and types of electronics accepted by the collector.  Click the link below for a list of providers.

Electronics Disposal Providers


For information and drop-off schedules visit the Sheboygan County Planning website.


Air Conditioners, Ammunition, Animal Carcasses (Humane Society), Asbestos (hazardous), Construction Materials, Dehumidifiers, Explosives (hazardous), Fireworks (hazardous), Freezers, Inoperable Vehicles (must have title), Light Ballasts, Mopeds (must have title), Refrigerators, Remodeling Debris, Tires, Microwaves, Printers, Fax Machines, DVD Players, VCRs, DVRs, Cell Phones, Computers, Televisions, Computer accessories, Prescription Drugs, Stereos, Furniture

Yard Waste Drop-off Area at City Garage:

Yard waste, branches and leaves can be dropped off Monday – Friday 7:15 to 3:15 pm at the Plymouth City Garage, 1004 Valley Rd.  Please use the Valley Road entrance.

The City of Plymouth does NOT pick up yard waste in the spring.  City residents should not rake yard waste to the curb.  All yard waste needs to be taken to the City Garage drop-off area.


Automobile Battery, Automobile Oil, Bicycles, Compressed Gas Cylinders, Concrete, Dryers (clothes), Gasoline Containers – Steel, Grass Clippings, Grills (gas and charcoal), Lawn Mowers, Garden Debris, Ovens, Propane Tanks, Rocks, Tree & Brush Trimmings, Washing Machines, Yard Waste