Common Council

The Common Council is the legislative branch of City government.  The Common Council is the forum for review and debate of proposed ordinances, resolutions and policies proposed by the standing Council committees and boards and commissions.  The most important legislation is the annual City budget.  The Common Council is comprised of eight part-time alderpersons representing four aldermanic districts.  Each alderperson serves a two-year term.  The Council operates on a committee structure, with the following standing committees:

  • Committee of the Whole (Entire Common Council)
  • Finance & Personnel Committee (4 Council members and Mayor)
  • Public Works & Utilities Committee (4 Council members and Mayor)

In addition to the Common Council committees, there are a number of committees, boards and commissions that provide policy input to the Mayor and Common Council and are comprised of citizen members and alderperson representation.  These committees and bodies include the Plan Commission, Board of Appeals, Park Committee, Redevelopment Authority, Library Board, Committee on Aging, and Public Safety Committee.  Certain boards are required by Wisconsin statutes such as the Plan Commission and Board of Appeals.  Others are voluntary and established based on desires of the Common Council such as the Redevelopment Authority.  From time to time, the City may also have “ad-hoc” committees to study specific issues such as the “Utilities Building Committee” and the “Alcohol Licensing Study Committee.”

Voting District Map

Common Council Meeting Information

Regular meetings are held on the second and last Tuesdays of each month at 8:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers of the City Hall.