Fire Department

The Plymouth Fire Department maintains their own website.

Please visit them at

Phone Number: (920) 893-1331

The Plymouth Fire Department is comprised of the City and Town Fire Departments. The Fire Department covers an area of approximately 36 square miles and a population of over 10,000. The Department utilizes two fire stations, one in the city and one in the town.

The objectives of the Plymouth Fire Department are as follows:

The Primary objective of the fire protection program is to serve all citizens without prejudice or favoritism, by safeguarding, collectively and individually, their lives against the effects of fires, explosions, or other hazards.

The second objective of the fire protection program is to safeguard the general economy and welfare of the community by preventing major conflagrations and the destruction by fire of industries and business

The third objective of the fire protection program is to protect the property of all citizens against the effects of fire, explosions, and other hazards. All property deserves equal protection, regardless of location or monetary value.

• Provide hazardous condition and disaster mitigation.
• Fire suppression.
• Automobile extrication.
• Ice rescue.
• Fire education and prevention services.
• Emergency Medical Service (EMS).

Chief Denis

Assistant Chief Rory Beebe
EMS and Safety

Assistant Chief Al Mueller
Training and Operations

Mailing Address:
Plymouth Fire Department
111 Main St. P.O. Box 294
Plymouth, WI 53073