Public Works – City Engineer

Department of Public Works

Cathy Austin, Public Works Director/City Engineer
900 CTH PP, PO Box 277
Plymouth, Wisconsin 53073
Telephone: (920) 893-1471   Fax: (920) 892-2760
Street Department: (920) 892-4925
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2014 Consumer Confidence Report Data PLYMOUTH UTILITIES Water System Information:  Printed copies are available at City Hall, 128 Smith St., or the Plymouth Utilities, 900 CTH PP.

The employees of the City of Plymouth Department of Public Works are dedicated to excellence in developing and maintaining an advanced infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing community.  The department is dedicated to performing its duties in an efficient, cost effective, timely manner as directed by policies, goals and objectives established by the Common Council of the City of Plymouth.

The City of Plymouth Department of Public Works touches the lives of all residents and visitors to the City along with all commercial, institutional, industrial, recreational entities when they or their employees travel on City streets, have their trash picked up or enjoy the various parks and recreation activities provided by the department.

• Provide snow and ice removal for all City streets.
• Provide general maintenance to road surfaces (pot holes, large patches).
• Repair catch basins.
• Provide general maintenance and upkeep of parks, athletic fields, and cemeteries.
• Provide day to day oversight and management of the golf course operations, aquatic center operations, ski hill and ice skating rink.
• Provide general maintenance and upkeep of City Hall and other general fund buildings/assets.
• Provide weed and tree trimming in public spaces.
• Maintain City signs and City equipment; paint crosswalks, parking lines and curbs.
• Provide assistance to special events as directed by the Mayor and Common Council.
• Provide staff support to the Public Works & Utilities Committee, Park Board, Plan Commission, and Common Council.
• Other special projects as assigned by the Mayor and Common Council.

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