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Plymouth Utilities has filed an application with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSC) to increase electric rates. The adjustment has been requested in order to cover inflationary increases in operational and maintenance expenses and costs associated with maintaining the reliability of the electric distribution system.  Additionally, the utility has asked the Commission to set appropriate rate levels which may include raising fixed customer charges.  The last electric rate increase was approved in 2011.

The requested increase in revenues is an overall increase above the electric utility’s present revenues of 4.95%, or $1,248,191. This request is detailed in the Plymouth Utilities electric rate application submitted to the PSCW on August 28, 2014.  After review, Commission staff proposed an increase in rates of $728,604, or 2.89%.  The actual change to individual customers will vary with electricity usage, class of service and ultimate rates authorized by the Commission.  All information regarding this application is available electronically at the PSCW’s website:  http://PSC.WI.GOV.

A telephonic hearing on the application has been scheduled for May 5, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. at the following locations:

Plymouth Utilities

900 CTH PP

Plymouth, Wisconsin

Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Building

610 North Whitney Way

As Posted On First Floor of Building

Madison, Wisconsin

For more information, please contact Docket Coordinator, Jacquelin Madsen (PSCW) at (608) 267-3599 and refer to the Plymouth Utilities electric rate application under Docket 4740-ER-108.

Brian Yerges, City Administrator/Utility Manager

Plymouth Utilities


April 3, 2015

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Hwy 67 Informational Meeting Mon, 20 Apr 2015 19:18:27 +0000 City of Plymouth - Business Meeting

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City Accepting Bids for Firewood Mon, 20 Apr 2015 17:44:53 +0000 The city of Plymouth will be taking sealed bids until 4:00 p.m. May 8th, 2015 ; for the purchase of firewood.  The highest bidder will be notified on Monday May 11, 2015.

The wood is on 40 acres, located on Highway 67 a half mile west of County Road S.

The wood for sale is downed hardwood tree tops.  To inspect the wood available, contact Tanya Williamson at 920–893-1471 she will coordinate getting you access to the property.  Information on how to submit bids will also be provided.

The highest bidder will have access to remove the downed wood until December 1, 2015.

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National Utility Linemen Appreciation Day Fri, 17 Apr 2015 18:31:11 +0000 Tomorrow, utilities across the state will be celebrating National Lineman Appreciation Day. On April 18 and every day it is important to recognize the commitment and skill of our lineworkers – thank you for your continuous dedication to our communities and hard work to keep the lights on. We recognize the efforts of the men and women who risk their lives daily to keep electricity flowing to our nation’s homes and businesses and we appreciate your never-ending service.

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Celebrating 100 Years at the Plymouth Public Library Tue, 14 Apr 2015 17:19:59 +0000 Monday, April 20 from 4 pm to 7 pm at the Library:  Mark Moran Antique Appraisals program.  Registration is required.  A sign-up sheet is available at the Library’s upper level service desk.

annivfor chamber_Page_1


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Solids Removal at the Wastewater Treatment Plant Thu, 09 Apr 2015 14:03:25 +0000 After Screening and Grit Removal Comes Primary Treatment

After the wastewater is screened and the grit is removed, centrifugal pumps pump it to a splitter box that divides it among three primary clarifiers (each clarifier holds 176,000 gallons of wastewater).

The primary clarifiers allow time for the wastewater to be in a still environment where solids are allowed to settle to the bottom of these concrete tanks. These solids are called settleable solids and they typically fall in the 2% to 3% range or 20,000 to 30,000 mg/L.  About 15,000 gallons of these solids are pumped with positive displacement pumps into an anaerobic digester over a 24 hour period each day of the year.

The solids that remain in the water are called total suspended solids (TSS) and they flow out of the top of the clarifiers into aeration tanks. The floatable portion of these solids are skimmed off of the surface and pumped into the anaerobic digester.

The clarifiers are designed to handle a certain amount of gallons and solids and as those numbers increase the clarifier removal efficiency can decrease. Typical percent removal for TSS is 60% in dry weather conditions and 40% in wet weather conditions. As more solids enter further treatment plant processes more expense is needed to treat those solids. That is why it is important to reduce inflow and infiltration into the sanitary sewer system. It reduces the need for additional clarifiers or an expensive upgrade to the WWTP.

TSS Graph





PT Pumps

Submitted by Mike Penkwitz, WWTP Superintendent

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Plymouth Utilities’ Enduring Commitment to Community Mon, 30 Mar 2015 20:36:39 +0000 On March 20th, I was going through some “old” files and came across a typed (two different versions) speech that a Plymouth Utilities employee gave to the local Kiwanis Club in the mid-1960s.  I presume the speech was prepared by a former Utilities Manager.  You can view the drafts of the speech by clicking on the links below.

The themes of local ownership, local control, and responsiveness still ring true today.  Our budget is larger, we have more wells and reservoirs, a larger treatment plant, and more customers than ever but we still pride ourselves on providing safe and secure water, sewer, and electric service to the greater Plymouth community.

Enjoy the read!

Brian Yerges
City Administrator/Utilities Manager


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“Ground breaking Ceremony” to commemorate the beginning of the construction of the railroad line between Plymouth and Kohler, WI Mon, 23 Mar 2015 14:04:35 +0000 On Tuesday, March 24th @ 3:00 p.m., the City of Plymouth, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Wisconsin & Southern Railroad (WSOR) will host a Ground Breaking Ceremony to “kick-off” the construction phase of the Plymouth to Kohler Rebuilding Project. We are honored to have the Honorable Secretary of Transportation Mark Gottlieb to headline this historic event. Also appearing will be Mayor Don Pohlman (Plymouth), Mayor Randy Meyer (Falls), former County-Chair (now) Mayor Mike Vandersteen (Sheboygan), current County Chair Roger Te Stroete, WSOR Representative and Bemis Representative and other local officials.

Location will be in the Plymouth Rail Yard of WSOR between Thayer Street and Reed Street. Parking will be available on Appleton Street and Depot Road by The Depot Restaurant. For GPS users: 114 Depot Road, Plymouth, WI. After the event, snacks and refreshments will be provided. Hope you can join us for this historical event.

When this project is complete, Sheboygan County and its communities will be more diverse – economically, positioning itself to attract future investments and job growth.

Media Contacts:

Mary Hauser, Executive Director Plymouth Chamber of Commerce; (920)893-0079;

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Mullet River Corridor Study Begins Tue, 17 Mar 2015 19:06:50 +0000 The City of Plymouth kicked off the Mullet River Corridor Study Committee on Wednesday March 11, 2015.  The planning work studies the Mullet River corridor from STH 23, through downtown, to CTH PP, as an aesthetic, recreational, and economic amenity that affects all City residents.  The planning initiative will consider various projects and improvements to enhance the use and health of this valuable community resource.  The City hired MSA Professional Services to assist with completion of the planning study.  The City has formed a temporary Mullet River Corridor Study Committee comprised of city and community stakeholders to work with MSA and City staff.

The project includes three phases.  In Phase I, MSA will study the Mill Pond to evaluate and present two alternatives for the future of the pond.  The City is considering whether it should proceed with removal of the dam or improvements to the dam and removal of the sediment in some way to improve the health of the pond.  Each option will have social, aesthetic, environmental, and economic impacts.  The purpose of this phase of the project is to evaluate the impacts and facilitate discussion about the pond/dam improvements versus dam removal.  The evaluation will compare these two basic alternatives in terms of cost, impact on surrounding properties and the community, opportunities for public recreation, and aesthetic outcomes.  The final report will not include a recommendation but will describe the social, aesthetic, environmental, and economic impacts of each option, including developing concept plans and illustrations of each option.

Phase II will evaluate alternatives for a connected system of bicycle and pedestrian trails along the Mullet River from the Old Plank Road Trail to CTH PP.  Phase III will evaluate the costs and benefits of implementing a number of infrastructure improvement projects along the Mullet River in downtown, including evaluating improvements to retaining walls, studying the feasibility of burying overhead utility lines, and evaluating removal of the public parking ramp (ramp not deck).

The final report will serve to inform a future decision by the Common Council regarding a course of action with the Mill Pond and other Mullet River Corridor improvement projects.  In addition, Kapur & Associates will provide a technical memorandum describing problematic issues (including zoning) with the dam’s classification as a “high hazard” dam.

Click on the link below to review a timeline of previous reports, studies, and plans related to the Mill Pond, dam, and Mullet River along with past management activities.



The City of Plymouth has adopted Ordinance Section 15-1-21 requiring Clearwater Inspections and Certification of Compliance beginning June 1, 2015. This will apply to any transfers of property occurring after this date.

This inspection will be done by the Building Inspector of the City of Plymouth. The current fee is $55.00 and will be collected at the Inspectors office at City Hall in Room 206, or can be mailed to City of Plymouth, P.O. Box 107, Plymouth, WI 53073. The inspection can be requested by calling 920-893-1271 Ext. 320.

A copy of the new ordinance can be found online on the City of Plymouth website Ordinance 1 2015 Clearwater Fees or a copy can be obtained in the Clerk-Treasurer’s office at City Hall.

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